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Important / Current Information:

DRAFT Zoning Ordinance Update – August 2019

Zoning Ordinance Update Summary – August 2019

DRAFT Zoning Ordinance Update – MAP – August 2019

2018 Drinking Water Quality Report

2020 Census Information 

Coopersburg Borough Code

Coopersburg Borough Fall Leaf Collection:

– Coopersburg residents may rake leaves into the street from October through December 6, 2019. Leaves collected are composted and reused.

– Residents should rake their leaves to the curb lanes for collection:

– Do not put leaves in plastic bags.

– Do not put brush, rocks, tarps or other debris near leaf piles.

– Keep piles 1’ into the street, away from the sidewalk. This enables the equipment and staff to reach the piles.

– Keep piles away from storm drains and low hanging trees.

– There is no schedule for pickup. The Borough staff starts at one end of the Borough and continues to the other end and repeats.

– If you have questions or concerns, contact the Borough Office at 610-282-3307.

Coopersburg Borough Winter Snow Removal:

– Coopersburg residents need to shovel sidewalks within 16 hours of a winter storm ending.

– Please refrain from shoveling snow into the street. This is a costly waste of our salt, will likely get plowed back into driveways, and is very dangerous.

– Clearing at least 3’ around a fire hydrant will help our fire company in an emergency.


To promote community vitality, economic prosperity and cultural harmony, the Borough of Coopersburg will provide services which are responsive to the health, safety and general welfare needs of the community.

The Borough government is dedicated to providing these services through the efficient and effective use of the community’s available resources in an honest, open and caring manner.


Borough Streetscape and Rail Trail Plan Information


Coopersburg Business Guide

Coopersburg Borough Map (Zoning 2006)

Borough Office Hours: Monday – Friday  9:00 AM – 4:30 PM