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SPECIAL NOTICE: Due to a billing error, this Quarter’s Utility Bills were printed with incorrect dates. The correct due date is 4/30/2015. They are not late and will not be charged a late fee. If you have already paid the late fee, it will be credited for the following quarterly billing. Please contact the office with any concern.


The Oil & Chip street list for 2015 is:
1. E Landis St (309 to the Borough line – Park side)
2. E Landis St (Main St to 309)
3. S 4th St (Station Ave to Charles St)
4. S 4th St (Charles to Cherry St)
5. Tilghman St (Trolley tracks to Borough line – towards Gun Club)
6. N 4th St (Fairview St to Fairmount St)
7. 9th St (Locust to the top of the hill)
8. Fairview St
9. Carpenter Alley (309 to 4th St)
10. Carpenter Alley (Main to 4th St)
11. Horse Alley (Thomas St to Charles St)
12. Horse Alley (Station Ave to Thomas St)
13. Horse Alley (Charles St to Cherry St)
The streets will be posted prior (no parking). They can be driven on after the process, but we suggest avoiding them for a few days if possible.


FIRST DRAFT – Coopersburg Blight Abatement Ordinance

For further information, feel free to contact the office directly. Thanks.


To promote community vitality, economic prosperity and cultural harmony, the Borough of Coopersburg will provide services which are responsive to the health, safety and general welfare needs of the community.

The Borough government is dedicated to providing these services through the efficient and effective use of the community’s available resources in an honest, open and caring manner.

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***Coopersburg Borough Map (Zoning 2006)***

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